Live Performing


1 AC/DC For Those About to Rock
2 AC/DC Highway to Hell
3 AC/DC Shook Me All Night Long
4 Autograph Turn Up the Radio
5 Bon Jovi Living on a Prayer
6 Bon Jovi Wanted Dead or Alive
7 Bon Jovi You Give Love a Bad Name
8 Bullet Boys Smooth Up In Ya
9 Cinderella Somebody Save Me
10 Damn Yankees High Enough
11 Def Leppard Bringing on the Heartbreak
12 Def Leppard Rock of Ages
13 Def Leppard Switch 625
14 Def Leppard Photograph
15 Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar On Me
16 Dio Holy Diver
17 Dio Rainbow in the Dark
18 Dokken It’s Not Love
19 Dokken Unchain the Night
20 Fastway Say What You Will
21 Great White Save Your Love
22 Guns N’ Roses Nightrain
23 Guns N’ Roses Paradise City
24 Guns N’ Roses Sweet Child O’ Mine
25 Guns N’ Roses Welcome to the Jungle
26 Hagar, Sammy Heavy Metal
27 Hagar, Sammy I Can’t Drive 55
28 Hagar, Sammy I Don’t Need Love
29 Idol, Billy White Wedding
30 Iron Maiden Hallowed Be Thy Name
31 Iron Maiden The Trooper
32 Iron Maiden Wasted Years
33 Journey Any Way You Want It
34 Journey Don’t Stop Believin’
35 Journey Stone in Love
36 Judas Priest Breaking the Law
37 Judas Priest Metal Gods
38 Judas Priest The Hellion/Electric Eye
39 Judas Priest You’ve Got Another Thing Coming
40 Kiss Heavens on Fire
41 Kiss Lick It Up
42 Kiss Rock and Roll All Nite
43 Kiss Tears Are Falling
44 Krokus Screaming in the Night
45 L.A. Guns Never Enough
46 Lynch Mob Wicked Sensation
47 Megadeth Symphony of Destruction
48 Metallica Enter Sandman
49 Metallica Seek & Destroy
50 Motley Crue Dr. Feelgood
51 Motley Crue Girls Girls Girls
52 Motley Crue Home Sweet Home
53 Motley Crue Kickstart My Heart
54 Motley Crue Live Wire
55 Motley Crue Looks That Kill
56 Motley Crue Too Young To Fall In Love
57 Nightranger Don’t Tell Me You Love Me
58 Ozzy Bark at the Moon
59 Ozzy Crazy Train
60 Poison Every Rose Has Its Thorn
61 Poison Fallen Angel
62 Poison Look What the Cat Dragged In
63 Poison Nothin’ But a Good Time
64 Poison Talk Dirty to Me
65 Poison Unskinny Bop
66 Queensryche I Don’t Believe in Love
67 Queensryche Jet City Woman
68 Queensryche Silent Lucidity
69 Quiet Riot Cum on Feel the Noise
70 Ratt Back for More
71 Ratt Lack of Communication
72 Ratt Lay it Down
73 Ratt Round and Round
74 Ratt You’re In Love
75 Scorpions Rock You Like a Hurricane
76 Skid Row 18 & Life
77 Skid Row I Remember You
78 Skid Row Youth Gone Wild
79 Steel Dragon We All Die Young
80 Steel Panther Asian Hooker
81 Steel Panther Community Property
82 Tesla Love Song
83 Tesla Modern Day Cowboy
84 Twisted Sister I Wanna Rock
85 Twisted Sister We’re Not Gonna’ Take It
86 Van Halen Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
87 Van Halen Jump
88 Van Halen Panama
89 Van Halen Running with the Devil
90 Warrant Cherry Pie
91 Warrant Down Boys
92 Warrant Heaven
93 Warrant Uncle Tom’s Cabin
94 White Lion Wait
95 Whitesnake Slide It In
96 Whitesnake Here I Go Again
97 Whitesnake Still of the Night
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